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Trost recognizes the accessibility of quality mental health care is crucial. We proudly provide telehealth services for outpatient therapy, covered by insurance, ensuring quality support is readily available to all. 

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We believe therapy is an essential part of becoming the best versions of ourselves. No matter who you are or where you are starting, it’s more than support through challenge – it’s the foundation to grow, hopeful and powerful.
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Trost Health Outpatient services are used to provide remote digital therapy for those struggling with substance abuse disorders. We are committed to making treatment more accessible. Trost offers an Intensive Outpatient Program and Outpatient services geared towards working professionals and those unable to travel for treatment.

We’re on a mission to get more people into therapy by bridging the gap between therapists and people seeking mental health care.

Patients will attend weekly group sessions and individual sessions with a licensed therapist. Additionally, patients will learn coping skills, healthy relationships, family dynamics, goal setting, life skills, stress management, and more. Patients attending our virtual services should expect full-service treatment in the comfort of their homes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trost Health Outpatient is an extension of Flyland Recovery Network offering telehealth services to those living in Florida and California.

Intensive Outpatient Therapy (IOP) are treatment programs used to address addiction and mental health that do not require detoxification or round-the-clock supervision. 

If you or a loved one are in need of outpatient therapy services please give our team a call. We will conduct an assessment to ensure that Telehealth is the right option. If approved you may use your insurance plan to cover the associated costs. We accept most major health insurance plans.

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